Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Update

Another Week has gone by...
We had a very eventful but yet very relaxing week.
On Monday, We took Makenzie to the park. The weather was soo beautiful that we all wanted to get out of the house and have some fun! Later that afternoon,
we went and picked up Kayden's Crib and Dresser.

On Tuesday, Chris and Daniel put it together, I made a Pot Roast in my crock pot with carrots, onions, and we had red potatoes with garlic and onions for the side...Yummy, and then We went and saw "Country Strong"....
If you haven't seen it go see it!!
(Thank you Shelbie, Sam, and Rudy for watching our Princess while we went to the movies)

On Wednesday, We hung out at the house, then Chris and I had our weekly Date Night!!
It was AMAZING!! (check out my glorious-est-er blog)
(Thank you Mama and Papa for watching our princess
while we had a very romantic evening with just the two of us)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...
Chris had to go back to work, which leaves Kenzie and I to play!
We hung out at home, worked on a project with Mrs. Medrano, cleaned the house, played with Kenzie, and I got a lot of my homework done!

It was a great week! Chris has to work another five days straight,
which has him working 9 days straight, but we are looking forward to having him home every night around 5pm and having him home over the weekend!!
Woohoo! We are going to be going on some adventures!!

(So Stay tuned for future Postings!!)

Here are the Picture throughout the week!!

January 16th
At dinner with Daddy

January 17th
At the Park

January 18th
With Grandpa Rudy

January 19th
Our little sleeping beauty

January 20th
(10 Months old today)

January 21st
Cleaning Daddy's Face

January 21st
Makenzie Dancing
(sorry had to take two pictures of her today,
because she was just being toooo cute!)

January 22nd
Dancing with Mickey

January 23rd
Being lazy with Daddy before he has to go to work,
and of course watching the pre-game

January 23rd
She is growing up so fast. She doesn't need the chair
part of the toy anymore :(
(sorry for another picture for today but had too)

Hope everyone has a great up coming week!!

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