Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't Blink

Today, marks Makenzie being 10 Months old.
I can't believe how fast these last 10 months have gone by!
I think of this song, when I think of how fast these Months gone by...

I really don't want to blink anymore because it really does go faster than you think when you have babies! Chris and I were talking last night about this. Like we remember bring her home yesterday when she was first born, and looking at each other thinking what do we do now! lol And now she is 10 months old!! Okay, I will stop! lol I'm just sad that our baby girl is growing up so fast but than again I love it because she is able to do soo much more than a newborn now!! Its a bitter sweet moment! =)

Lets check out what's new with Makenzie...
* Speed Racer~She crawls soo fast! Its really starting to get hard for me to keep up with her!
* Talkative little thing~ I know that she gets this from her daddy...hehe! She can now say...Mama, Dada, Hi, Baba (bottle), and every now and then we hear kity (kitty)!
* She LOVES the outdoors!! She loves riding in her stroller when we go on walks, go to the park.
* She is still walking around the couch, and she is getting really good at it. She is holding on with one hand and moves right along.
* She is really into animals right now! She loves our cats like no other, she loves if we go over to my parents, or anyone's house to play with the dogs!
*She still has 4 teeth, but She is drawling like crazy, So I know some are coming in somewhere.

The next big thing we get to look forward to for Makenzie is her 1 year is RIGHT around the CORNER!! and Yes I have been planning her party already! Do you think its to early? lol!

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  1. love your thoughts, and your pictures and your song. When Chris and his brothers were babies, someone told me that they go from 1-5, start kindergarden and you blink and they are suddenly seniors and you say to yourself "what just happened??"'s so true. Makes me so happy and proud to see how much you love and enjoy your life and baby and baby to be. Love yo!!


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