Friday, January 21, 2011

Craft Weekend...

I know its a bit early to be thinking about this but I figured I would get a
start on Valentine's Gift for
I got this idea from this blog that I follow for cute idea's like this one...

But anyways back to my craft!

Lyndsey and I have been talking about different idea's that we can do for our Hubby's that truely treat us amazing!! So we started talking about this book that I found on the Dating Diva's Website...

its super easy to make, just very time consuming.

We used the idea that they used in their book, So we are doing
"30 Reason's Why I Love You"

If you need idea's for your hubby, this would be a great gift to give him! Not just for Valentine's Day, but for a birthday, anniversary, or just because gift!

Lyndsey and I both had so much fun making these books!
Here is what my book looks like...

We hope the guys like them..
We are also making a goodies basket for the guys.
We are making cupcakes, and candies!
So I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Planning!!

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