Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Tonight, Chris and I went on our weekly date night.
This date night was not like our normal date nights. He actually had a surprise for me.
To start the night off, we went to my mom's house to drop Makenzie off. She loves to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Wagner because she gets to play with the doggies.
Once we left my parents house, we just started driving. I was starting to wonder what my amazing husband has in store for me. As we drove we started joking around like we did when we were first dating ( I LOVE when we do this). Chris gets off the 215 at St. Rose Parkway and drives to Coronado Dr. Of course at this point, I'm really wondering what he has planned. All of sudden he pulls into this parking lot and pulls up to U-Swirl (frozen yogurt). I asked him,
"Babe, We can't have U-Swirl for dinner!" and he kindly said "of course not, its our appetizer" lol! So after we got our yummy U-Swirl, we got back in the car and started driving some more.
At this point I was like "Okay babe, seriously what are we doing?" Chris finally told me what was going on, he said "I've been wanting to watch the sunset with you and
I know the perfect place to watch it."
So we pulled into this side road off of St. Rose Parkway, and watched the sunset. As we were watching the sunset and eating our yummy U-Swirl all of sudden OUR song starts playing..

It was super romantic, and super cute! I felt like we were kids again on our very first date; kissing and snuggling in the car while we watched the sunset. I loved every minute of this.

Here are some pictures of the Beautiful Sunset that we experienced tonight...
After we watched the sunset and finished our U-Swirl, we headed to dinner! I've been wanting to go to PF Changs for the longest time and we finally made it there. We ate sooo much food! And we still were able to bring food!

*A new word that Chris and I created this date was Glourious-est-er. I really don't remember how we came up with this word but that is how I'm going to describe our date tonight....


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