Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

This week was an amazing week for us for many reasons:
* No More Sick BABIES!! Woohoo! =)
*I finished My Externship
* I was offered a job =)
*One Week Closer to our vacation to Minnesota
* and it was just one busy week

Love seeing these two together...It just melts my heart! <3

Our Best Friends came over for our usual Monday Night Shows. The Daddy's were hold their little ones. Just wish I could have gotten Kenzie in this picture as well

Who Me? LoL
She was eating Mac N Cheese, and decided that she wanted to put her Mac N Cheese in a near by clean diaper, and then put it in her hair as

Little Man is getting so big. Already playing and standing in his bouncer

Just LOVE this little smile! =)

Hope every has a great week! See you Next week =)


  1. Your little boy is so adorable in those pictures!

  2. What a smile! I have just awarded you a 'Butterfly Award' Please pop over to my blog to see your award. Karima :)


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