Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

This past week seemed like things were getting better for us, until Makenzie was diagnosis with croup like her little brother. But I'm glad to say things are slowly starting to get better and
both of them are slowly healing from this condition....

My Princess and I!
(dont look how gross I look but look to see how cute she is)

LiL' Man hanging out in Daddy's Lap

Date Night! Thanks Mama for watching the kiddos for us to be able to
have a nice relaxing night and listen great music.

They are becoming the best of friends!

Daddy and Kenzie making dinner

Sleeping like a little baby!!

Such a great lil Mama!!

Hope everyone has had a great week and an even better upcoming week! =)

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  1. Hi there! REALLY CUTE PICS! Following you from Monkey Hop! :)

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  2. Oh how CUTE!! Love that pic of you and your hubby! Thanks SO much for being so faithful and joining the swap! Hope you can keep coming back! ;) Love your blog!

  3. Some lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Saw you on blog hop, now google following you. Please pop by, Karima x

  4. You have adorable children! And Kayden is so close in age to J!
    I just read about the croup that your babies had and you are one strong momma to make it through it all! Here's to August being healthier!

    I'm your newest follower from
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