Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4 Months Old

Dear LiL Man,

Kayden, This past month has been a tough one for you and mama. You definitely had me scared because I did not know what was wrong. But I am glad to say that you are doing 100 % better now. You would not think that you were sick 4 days after your three month birthday.

Okay, enough about you being sick. On a happier note, you are growing up so fast. It is definitely making me sad seeing you grow up so quickly.

You love talking...You are definitely experimenting with your sounds. I just love hearing you.

I heard you laugh for the first time, and for some reason you will only do it for mama. Ive tried to get you to do it for Daddy, and you don't do anything. One day, he will hear you laugh. You just have the cutest laugh. It definitely puts a smile on my face hearing that little giggle coming from you.

You have discovered your tongue. You started sticking it out at mommy and grandma this past Saturday. You love playing with your tongue.

You started PreSchool this past month. You love it. You are starting to get more and more comfortable with being there. You love your teachers, and hanging out with your new friends.

You are sleeping majority of the night now. When you got sick you were sleeping 9 hours a night but you are back to your 6 hours then waking up then back to sleep until about 730. Every night before you go to sleep you have to have your bath. You will not let mommy or daddy let you go a night without it. You love your bath time.

You are growing up to be quite the lil man. You definitely look like your daddy...[which is not a bad thing at all =) ] You still have your beautiful blue eyes, the cutest smile with two little dimples. Your left dimple shows up more than your right side. When you get in a really big smile your right dimple shows up. I'm not sure how much you weigh right now, but when we were in the hospital you were at 17 pounds. So Im going to guess that you are most likely at 20 pounds =)

You have your four month well check this upcoming week. So I will know your measurements then. I love you LiL man. Thank you for always putting a smile on Mommy, Daddy's, and Sissy's face.

Speaking of Sissy, you love hearing her voice; you just light up when you hear her. You smile when she is touching you, you just cant wait to play with her.

Thanks for being such a fighter and such an amazing piece to our lil family.

Love you always and forever,

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  1. Missed ya the past few weeks at the swap!! Hope you can come back soon! ;)


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