Saturday, July 30, 2011

WORST month EVER!!!

I'm soo glad this month is over! I just really hope that August treats us a little better than the month of July did.

If you are wondering what happen to us this past month...(read here)
Basically to summarizes for you...
We all got sick at the beginning of the month. Chris most likely brought it home with him from work. We all woke up with Stuffy noses on tuesday morning, then all of sudden the body aches kicked in on wednesday. Well LiL Man got it the worst. He was coughing and sounded like a Seal Barking. He wasnt having a hard time breathing at this point but he was really congested. The next morning he woke up sound like he was having a really hard time breathing. I made a call into the doctors first thing that morning. She did not even have her computer on thats how early I called. Got in right away because she could hear him having a hard time breathing. =( At the doctors office, doing two breathing treatments and a steroid on him and next thing I know Im getting into an ambulance to go to the hospital. Kayden was admitted into the hospital for having croup.

If your not to sure about what Croup is. (Read Here) I would definitely look into it, especially if you have young children. It can be very deadly and its on arise right now. I think 10 other small children were admitted into the hospital along with us for it.

This is what it sounds like and this is what I mean about striding. If you look at the babies belly you can see it caving in. The baby is using his abdominal wall muscle to try to help him breath.

Sorry I'm not trying to scare anyone but I do want you to be aware of those horrible cough, and I don't want any
of you to have to go through what we went through this past month.

Anyways...Kayden is doing much better. Two weeks after get diagnosis for Croup. Kenzie starts coming down with it. She was striding, coughing like a seal and all that good stuff. I did not hesitate on taking her right into the ER. We were there until about 2am they gave her a breathing treatment and a steroid, then sent us home. She still has a cough but its not a barking cough, and still has a cold of some sort.

Chris and I can not wait to not have sick babies anymore. It definitely has put a toll on both of us, and I think our patience levels have definitely been put to the test.

This upcoming Month of August, we are looking forward to our vacation to Minnesota to see Nanni and Bumpa. It will be great to get away, and the cooler air might even help the kiddos with this condition. I am a little nervous to be flying with them with this condition but that is something I will be talking to the doctor about.


  1. Croup is the worst. My youngest daughter gets with with ever cold. I'm sorry July was so rough on you, I hope August is better!

  2. Thank you! Aww...Im sorry that your daughter gets that every cold. I dont think I could handle that every cold.

  3. AAWW - yuck:( I'm sorry July was such a bad month - sending well wishes for a wonderful August and no more croup:)


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