Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our LiL Fighter

This past Tuesday, all four of us seemed to get stuffy noses. Then progress into a lil cold. When I got home from my exernship on Wednesday night. Kayden sounded horrible, he sounded really stuff. It had me really worried. Chris and I kept going back and forth on if we should take him to the ER, since at this time it was really late.

We decided that we would wait till morning and take him to his actual doctor. I asked my mom to go with me since Chris was at training all morning. After picking her up, we started talking about what the could possibly do for Kayden. She said that he would get a breathing treatment and most likely they would send one home with us. I told her that I had a weird feeling that they are going to make Kayden go to the hospital. She did not really think they would.

Once we got into our doctors appointment, they took us right away. They weighed Kenzie she is already up to 30 pounds...yes you read that right 30 pounds...I cant believe my almost 16 month old is that heavy. No wonder my arms hurt when I carry her. Then it was Kayden's turn...He is up to 17 pounds...I cant believe he weighs that much.

We got into the room, and the nurse was asking what brought us in today, and I told her that Kenzie had a running nose but I mostly thought it was because she was teething. Then she could hear Kayden's breathing and how bad it was.

A few minutes later, the nurse practitioner came in and felt that Kayden need to do a breathing treatment right away. So we started him on one. After we finished, she came and check him out again. She felt that we need to give him some kind of steroid to open his airway. After giving him that steroid and she felt that we need to give him another breathing treatment. She said if this breathing treatment does not seem to work then I have to call the ambulance and have you rushed to the ER. My heart dropped, starting getting really sick to my stomach. They ended up having to call the ambulance, they put him on Oxygen while we waited for them to get there.

Once they got there, they had me sit down while holding him trying to give him oxygen as they pushed us out. They put us into the ambulance (which was my very first time every being in an ambulance) and they gave him a stronger breathing treatment, which calmed Kayden down in seconds. The ones in the Doctor's office were not working and they were only making things worse for him. So we got to ride in the ambulance for literally five minutes (not even) we were right across the street from the hospital. (I cant wait to see that

We got brought into the ER and Kayden was able to breath on his own and he actually fell asleep on my lap. The doctor came in and started asking me questions about what was going on. He could hear Kayden's breathing. He did ask me if Kayden had a cough. I said yes very now and then. He said does it sound like a barking seal. I said yes. He advised me that Kayden had Croup also known as Whopping Cough. At the time I did not know that it was Whopping Cough. All they told me that it was inflammation of the throat and since he is so little and he has a short neck that this is the cause of the Croup.

They ended up doing another breathing treatment on him because the doctor could still hear his loud breathing. So they did another one and if this still left him with that loud breathing then they were going to keep him over night. Well guess what...He left him with loud breathing but not as bad as it was when we first got there, and he was still having to use his auxiliary muscle to help him breath.

So about an hour later, we were brought up to our room which was PICU. They hooked him up to a machine but had like 4 to 5 cords coming off of him. Once we got into his room, he was sound asleep within minutes well of course after they stopped messing with him. It was soo hard to see him like this, I felt so helpless.

Throughout the night, his numbers were perfect. He was getting 100% oxygen in, which usually means that the bacteria is killed. By morning, Kayden and I just waited for the doctor to come in. Of course they like to take their sweet time to come into the hospital. The doctor was going to release him because he felt that he was doing amazing. He wanted him to do one breathing treatment at the hospital before we left, so we did. We did not get released until about 12. =)

Kayden and I dropped off his prescription and then headed him. He fell asleep in the car but woke right up when we got home. He fought me with going to sleep from about 1 pm to about 330pm. He was starting to get all worked up again. He had a really hard time trying to catch his breath, and his cheeks were extremely red. I tried everything that they told me to do. Start the shower put it on cold and just sit in their with the cold mist coming out. So I turned the water on, sat down with him and let the cold water run with the mist coming out of the shower. I noticed that he was having to use his stomach muscles to breath and once he started doing that. I started freaking out, I called my mom asked her to come over to sit with Kenzie. Once she got her we were off to the hospital for the second time.

They took us right in, since we were only released about 3 hours earlier. They hooked him up to the monitor again and his Oxygen levels were at a 100%. The doctor said that he has no longer Croup, he just has a flu now. So we are on the final stages of it =D The doctor also advised us not to use the breathing treatment that they gave us because it would do no use. Just to use a humidifier and cold mist coming off the shower or freezer.

Once we were discharged, Kayden fell asleep for about 4 hours straight. Then I woke him up because I wanted to give him a bath to get all that hospital yuckiness off of him. Gave him a bottle and he fell alseep in my arms. I think I feel asleep as!

Kayden slept through the night.
(which was his first time ever doing =)

He is definitely Our LiL Fighter. He kept fighting to get better, and Im happy to say that he is doing MUCH better! You can not hear his breathing anymore, he has color back in his face, he does not have that cough any more.

Thanks for keeping up a great fight LiL Man!!

I do want to thank My Mom, Dad, Sister, Daniel and Lyndsey, and Samantha for helping us with everything in the hospital. I also want to Thank Everyone for all the prayers and get well wishes that you said for Kayden. All your prayers were truly answered. Thank You again!!

Here are a few pictures of Kayden in the hospital...


  1. What an ordeal you had to go through. But I am so glad that he is doing much better.

  2. oh my goodness...poor kayden:( I am SO glad he is feeling better and getting over the scary for you. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the weekend and get to catch up on some sleep! Sending hugs your way!

  3. I am SO GLAD he is ok!!!! What a brave little man!!!

  4. I am glad he is doing ok! I realized what a giant my baby is reading this though. My guy is 3 months old and had already doubled his weight to 18 pounds.

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