Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Day of PreSchool

Today was the first day for the kiddos first day of PreSchool. Chris and I were pretty bummed about it, but we both know and understand that it will be best for them. They have a structural learning system, they will learn social skills, and they will be learning how to get potty trained. The daycare that we decided to take them to is called "The Art of Learning". We choose this one because its close to home =) and one of our friends works there which makes Chris and I feel a lot more comfortable about having them in daycare.

Kenzie getting ready for her first day of school =)

Kayden all ready for his big day!

All strapped into their car seats and ready to go.

This is Kenzie first arts and crafts that she made...Its a Kite

Quick story to share... Chris said goodbye to Kenzie three times, and she never cried!!! On the last goodbye, Chris walked into her daycare room, where she sat next to two other toddlers who were about 1 year old. She was truly breaking her bread (her roll which she ate along with potatoes and chicken) and giving it to the other two children to eat... she is such a blessing!!!


  1. They look so cute getting ready for school! I am sure they will do great!!! I don't even have children yet, but I am nervous about the time I do have them and the time comes to take them to their first day of school!

  2. Found you via the bloggy moms blog hop. Beautiful blog~


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