Friday, April 15, 2011

Pacifier Baby

Kayden is definitely a Pacifier Baby...
and I wonder if it is because I'm breast feeding him.

Kenzie never liked her Pacifier. She would always spit it right back at us when we would give it to her. She has been like that ever since I remember.

Not really sure if this whole Pacifier thing is a good idea. I was actually glad that Kenzie did not like it, so it was easy not having to worry about trying to break it from her. I know Kayden is only five days old but I really hope that this does not last long with the whole Pacifier thing.

(sorry that really sounds terrible, but I honestly dont want my children walking around having a pacifier
in their mouth at the age of five.)

What are your views on having a pacifier?

Although he does look really cute having a Pacifier in his mouth...

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