Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kayden's Birth Story

Exhilarated ? Thrilled? Overjoyed? Happiness?
I don't think any of these words describe how happy we are to have our lil' man with us.

He arrived on April 10, 2011 at 10:51 am weighing 8 pounds and 19.5 inches long...

Here is the story about our lil' man making his appearance...
Saturday Night, Chris and I met up with Christina and Justin for dinner. Our plans were to go to the Brio in Town Square, but the wait was over 65 minutes. We did not think it was a good idea that we waited that long because I was already having contractions before we even left the house. That is when we decided to head to the California Pizza Kitchen...the wait there was only 25 minutes long, which was not bad at all. By the time we sat down for dinner, my contractions were about 7 to 8 minutes apart. As we waited for our food, the contractions were starting to get a little strong, but I did not want that to ruin my visit with Christina. As we were eating, I started losing my appetite and starting to feel sick to my stomach. I think I had like three bites of my whole dinner. Chris started noticing my discomfort, pain, and was keeping an eye on how close my contractions were. We all asked for boxes for our dinner because at this point I was about ready to head to the hospital. Chris reminded me how far our car was, which was fine because I really wanted to walk to try and help the contractions as well as my dilation.

Once we got to the car, Chris wanted to go get some frozen yogurt and wait for my contractions to get closer together or until I cant take the pain any longer. After about 45 minutes of waiting, the contractions got to about 6 minutes apart. I told Chris that we probably should go to the hospital because I'm already dilated at a 5, did not want to progress passed the point of an epidural, and I did not want to risk anything. We got to the hospital around 915pm and we got into triage. The nurse hooked me up to all the monitors and checked me. I was still dilated at a 5,(which was really disappointing). After waiting for about an hour, the nurse came back in and told us they wanted to keep me for another 23 hours for monitoring. Once we heard they were going to keep me for another 23 hours, I asked if I am able to walk around before I got into my room. Thankfully they let me walk around, I made it around twice before they told me that my doctor wants me to get back on the medication that stops my contractions. After I heard that, I looked at Chris and said that it is pointless for us to be walking if they are just going to keep stopping them.

After getting settle into our room and getting all hooked up to the monitors, IVs and all that good stuff. They gave me a sleeping pill that way I could have my rest and keep my mind off the contractions. Around 6 am, I woke up having to go to the bathroom soo badly that I had to wake up Chris to help me. A few minutes later, my nurse came in and gave me another pill to stop the contractions (plus I have to have it every 6 hours). After I took the pill, I went right back to sleep. About an hour later, I woke up with my on call doctor sitting on my bed and basically spreading my legs open. (not the greatest wake up call Ive ever had) She checked my dilation and have progressed to a 6 with a bodging bag. She asked me if I was ready to have a baby, and of course I said Yes and I that I did not want to leave without having him. She said "Okay, do you mind if I break your water?" (let me remind you that I'm still trying to wake up at this point) I asked her "if I was able to have the epidural before she broke my water?" her answer was basically, why are you in pain? and I said no but I don't want to be in any pain. She said that I could have it in about 45 minutes after she broke my water. Let me tell you that was the worse 45 minutes of my life. I started having contractions that were 3 to 4 minutes apart. I was in tears as each contractions started. Towards the end of the 45 minute wait of the epidural, Chris simply asked if the anesthesiologist would be here soon. The nurse called down, and said that he was on his way. After receiving the epidural it took about 25 minutes for it to start working, and of course it only numbed my left side, so I asked for another buster because I could still feel the contractions all in my right side.

Around 1040am, My On call doctor came in and got all dressed for the delivery. I pushed about two or three times, and we heard this amazing little cry at 1051am. That was the very first time I heard my little man. His cry was such an amazing sound. My doctor gave Kayden to me right away. He was the most beautiful little guy I have ever lay my eyes on. After seeing him for a few minutes, they took him to start doing test on him. They checked his lungs..which were at 99%. They weighed him (8 pounds) and measured him 19.5 inches long. He sure was a big baby for being delivered at 37 weeks.

I do believe that if Kayden would have came when he was trying to make his arrival (click here) he would have been perfectly fine. But I am glad that he was able to stay in for another 10 days.

Here are some pictures from his birth~day...
8 Pounds

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord

Holding Kayden for the first time


Loving on Him <3

First Bath

Bath Time

Our little Man

Our Lil Family
Kenzie meeting her brother for the first time


Cuddle Time
Loving every minute of this!

I love him sooo much!!

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