Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Updates

...Our Week in Photos...

Trying to figure out what she wants to eat at Metro Pizza

Swinging Baby!!

Eating Lunch!

Giving Auntie the Look! lol

Makenzie and her new friend Krugh

Looking through the glass...

Happy Girl

We have had one busy week. We tried to get Makenzie's One Year Picture's
(here is a blog on her first half of the session)
but that is the day she started teething really bad. She spiked a fever..
just a low fever, between 99.5 to 100.9. Then on Tuesday ~ Thursday,
she did not want to really eat or drink anything.
On Friday, she got the runs really bad. Never experienced that with her before, and on top of the runs she got a rash that went down her belly, and down her back!! Kind of scary!! So I called her Dr. and they suggested that we use Aveeno with an oatmeal base lotion. So I called Chris and asked him to pick up some of that on his way home. Meanwhile, at home,
I used some other Aveeno Baby lotion that we had. The following morning, I noticed that the rash was fading away, and She was starting to drink more fluids and eat a little! Thank God,
I thought I was going to have to take her to the ER because she was getting dehydrated. Today, Sunday, She really does not have the runs anymore =D and she is actually eating.
Still little at a time but she is eating and drinking again!

So I guess we have finally experienced the worst of the teething! I hope it does not getting any worse. But that was definitely not fun one bit!

We have a lot stored in for us this upcoming week!
*Hoping to have a date night with the Hubby on Monday night.
*Getting so small things for Kenzie's party!
*Ordering her Cake!
*Huge Doctor's Appointment =D We even get to see Kayden!!
(future blog coming)
*Taking Makenzie's One Year Picture...its the second half of the session!
I'm hoping she is not fussy this time!
*School..on top of all this!

Should be a fun busy week!
I hope everyone has a great upcoming week!!

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