Sunday, March 20, 2011

This Week...

We had two BUSY weeks, but an EXCITING and FUN couple of weeks...

*We went to the park to watch some softball
*Went shopping for Makenzie's Birthday
*Chris and I had a date night
*Bumpa came into town
*SURPRISE...Nanni came into town as well (she was very sneaky)
*Had dinner with Chris, Nanni and Bumpa while Chris was working
*Birthday on Sunday...We ended up moving her party due to the crappy weather
*Birthday dinner at Lucille's BBQ
*Makenzie had her One year Well Check Up
*Went to Red Rock Canyon
*I had my 34 Week Check Up
* Went to the Park
*Dinner with My Mom, Step Dad, and Sister
*Went to Boulder City for an afternoon

That was a busy couple of weeks!!
Here is our busy weeks in pictures...

March 13th
At the Softball Fields

March 14th
Princess Kenzie!

March 15th
Kenzie walking to her Daddy

March 16th
Hanging out with Kenzie before I leave for school!

March 17th
Giving each other loves...Noah and Makenzie

March 18th
Out shopping with Grandma Nill

March 19th
Bumpa is here! And Nanni SURPRISED us as well!!

March 20th
Happy 1st Birthday, Makenzie!

March 21st
Riding on her horse! Thanks Lace! She LOVES it!

March 22nd
Having fun at the park!

March 23rd
Kenzie is reflecting...

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