Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!

Makenzie is a YEAR old already!!! Where did the time go? It seriously feels like it was yesterday that we were just heading to the hospital.
(if you are interested in reading her birth you go)

Time seriously does fly by, especially after having Makenzie and of course having fun!! Its a bitter sweet moment that she is One!! I love the fact that she is very independent now. She is able to drink her water or juice by herself, feeding herself, moving around by herself (walking...well taking 3 or 4 steps here and there), just all around a BIG GIRL!! I just can't believe how much joy she has given her Daddy and Mommy, (as well as all of our friends and family) we have so much love for this little person!!

Here are a few of My Favorites of Makenzie throughout her first year....

Only an Hour old...
One of my Favorite pictures of her!

Holding her Daddy's finger

First Bath at Home

First Easter

2 weeks old..

3 Weeks Old

Meeting Nanni and Bumpa for the first time

4 Weeks Old

First time at the Pool

Love that Smile..

First time at the family cabin in Utah


Christmas Dress

She LOVES the bath...

Walking Machine...

...Lets take a look to see what Makenzie has been up too...
*Talking up a Storm*
...She says...
~Da da... Daddy
~Ma Ma... Mommy
~Kity... Cats
~What's that?
~Numums... Food
~Bu Ba... Bottle
~Na Na... Nanni
(She says this looking at her Nanni's Picture)

*Eating Big People Food*
...She won't eat her baby food anymore, she just spits it right back at us!
So she basically is eating what eat.

...She has 6 teeth that you can actually see. I believe that there is another one that just poked through but she won't let me keep my fingers in their long enough to feel around.

*Taking Steps*
...She is slowly taking steps by herself, without holding onto anything! =)

...She loves to stand up all by herself.

*Size 4*
...Her foot is HUGE!

...She is starting to slim down from all the movement that she does.
She is still at the size that ranges from 12 to 18 months.

What does Makenzie LOVE?

...She loves being able to look all over the place.

...She loves to swing, go down the slides, look at the dogs, and just walk around.

*Daddy's Girl*
...She sure does love her daddy! I'm not jealous or anything...hehe! She just lights up when he walks in the room, laughs so hard when they are playing. She is just straight up a daddy's girl, which is what I wanted her to be anyways because that is how I am with my daddy!

...If we would let her, she would eat all day long.
Her favorites right now are...
~Mash Potatoes
~Anything with Noodles
~Veggies =)
~Mac N Cheese

...She loves Music. When it comes on she will seriously stop what she is doing and start to dance. It is the cutest thing ever. She loves all kinds of music, not just country. I think she is going to be a just like her daddy when it comes to music.

...Anytime of the day, she loves to be tickled. She will laugh up the storm
if you hit the right tickle spots. I just love her laugh!

*Feeding Herself*
...We have also experienced that she does not like when we feed her.
She wants to feed herself.

....She loves our cats. When we do go to our parents houses with their dogs. She loves to get down on the ground and play with them. She also loves looking at other animals, such as fish, deer, bunnies, and so on...

...She loves being around other children. She finds them so interesting.
I think she is going to be a great big sister.

*Laughing and Smiling*
...She always has a smile on her face, and She is usually laughing about something.

*Bath Time*
...When I turn the bath water on, she will stop with whatever she is doing and head to the bathroom. She knows that its bath time...which means lots of fun!

Thank you everyone that has made her first year soo
special and being apart of our princess life.

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