Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knock Knock! Answer Your Door! =)

Bumpa is HERE...

Papa Bear drove in this morning. He got here a little before noon.
We were so excited to see him since it has been since December that we last saw him.
We talked for a little bit then decided that we should have some lunch before Chris left for work.
I also texted Mama G to let her know that Papa Bear had made it safely.

About 20 minutes after we finished eating...
She texted me back asking "if he was tired?"
I responded with "yes, we just fed him! LoL"
Then she wrote "Im hungry too? Anything left"
and then a few minutes later...I get a text that said...
Knock Knock! Answer your Door!! =)
(I did not hear my phone go off when she texted me the last two messages)

Chris had to leave for work, but we made plans to meet him on his lunch. He left for work about 130pm. About a minute after he left for work, we get a knock on the door. I thought it might have been the UPS guy or something like that because we were expecting a package from Aunt Lindsee and Uncle Luke. So I answered the door, and what do you know...

It was...


Standing right there!!

None of us knew that she was coming out here. She surprised all of us!
I do have to say that I am very proud of her for not spilling the beans for her surprise!!
Thank you Papa Bear and Mama G for coming out here, spending some time with us and being here for Makenzie's 1st Birthday!

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  1. Ahh. you blogged about us :-). It was a blast surprising you, as Chris said "We've been Punked!". to which I reply "never under estimate my sneakyness :-)" Thanks for letting me stay anyway, LOL. Love you guys!!!


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