Saturday, March 19, 2011

1st Birthday PARTY

So I would like to start off by saying a
BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that were apart of
Makenzie's Birthday and making it a special day for her.

Makenzie is officially ONE YEARS OLD!! Ahhh...So scary! I can't believe that
she is already ONE!! Where does the time go?

We start the day off with having a very yummy breakfast with
Bumpa and Nanni..(
We started all getting ready...
Makenzie took a nap while we watched Our Church Service online.
Awesommmmeee Service!
Chris and Papa Bear headed out the door to pick up the yummy food from
Subway and then the balloons!
Mama G, Makenzie and Myself headed down to the park to meet up with Chris and Papa Bear
to start sitting up. My Dad and Step Mom got there right about the same time we did.
We started talking and the weather was soo crappy! It was really cold, windy, and starting to rain. To top that off, Makenzie was started to get a runny nose. So that being said, my dad suggested that we just have the party at his house because we don't need Makenzie getting sick. We all quickly started making phone calls to everyone and having everyone call other people to let them know. I'm not going to lie, I think the party was a lot nicer at my parents house then it could of been at the park. Everyone was warm, Makenzie was comfortable, and all around it was just relaxing! =)

Here are some pictures of Makenzie's 1st Birthday Party...

Birthday Ladybug Cupcakes

Our LiL Family

Makenzie's Own LadyBug Cupcake

Messy Girl

Love This Picture...

Happy Birthday, Makenzie!

Loving on Noah...

Having a GREAT time...

Birthday Girls, Happy Birthday Lyndsey and Makenzie!

Birthday Dinner at Lucile's BBQ

Thank You again to everyone that made her day so special!! =)
Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!

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  1. She was a prefect Lil Birthday girl....she greeted everyone with her sweet smile, hugged the other Lil kids, opened all those presents with a sparkle in her eye, and "dantily" ate her cupcake while being a good sport with her frosting face paint. A true Lil Party girl :). Love you Kenzi!!!! You had some great party planners too!!!


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