Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Last Night, Chris and I had another little date night at home. (we have come to realize that we will not be going out that much with having a baby, let alone two. So we are going to try and make everything in our power to make it fun for us to have date nights at home...) =) Any ways, last night, we put Makenzie to bed at her usual time, we watched our Tuesday night shows, the Biggest Loser. After the show, we were both wide awake. So we started flipping through the channels and came across this show called, The Great Chocolate Maker, or something like that.
Well, we started watching it, we both looked at each other wanting to eat chocolate. Earlier yesterday, I had mention I wanted to make brownies. So I offered to make them again, and of course Chris was all for it. Since we were kinda treating this as a date night. I asked him to help make them with me. I thought it would be something fun to do together. Once we got the brownies in the oven, We were trying to figure out what we wanted to watch on TV (and of course at this time there is nothing on) or if we should just put in a movie.

Well Chris came across this movie...

Have you ever seen the movie the "FireProof"?
If you have not seen it, I think you should! Its a great movie for "Date Night".
I will give you a brief little scoop on this movie..
*Its about a couple that are going through some hard times, they basically want to get an divorce. Well, someone introduces something to them to help them out. (That is all I'm going to give you...Its an amazing movie, It might even put both of you and your hubby into did for us last night and we have seen the movie many other times)

Anyways, If you do end up watching the movie please let me know what you think of it. I love it, and I know that Chris and I work at our relationship every day, we do something for each other every day....even if it is extremely small, but its the thought that counts!

I'm going to leave this one last thing for you from the movie...

This song is one of my favorite songs...(its also gives you a small glimpse of the movie...) ENJOY!!

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