Friday, March 11, 2011

This Week...

...Weekly Updates...

March 7
Work it....Work it...
(already our little model)
March 8th
Makenzie and Noah, Her boyfriend, Four Wheeling
March 9th
Getting ready for her pictures
March 10th
Silly Girl!
March 11th
Making herself comfy on my lap!

March 12th
Drinking her water, laying down, and playing with her laptop...LOL!

...Some funny things that Makenzie did this week...

  • Her new crawl. She is crawling on all fours. I wish I can get a picture or a video of her doing this but every time I pull out my camera she stops and crawls normal.
  • Moving her food from one side of the tray to the other.
  • Messing with the cats. She crawls so fast that its getting harder for them to get away. The funny thing is the cats mess with her too. Earlier today, she left the room and the cats tried to close the door on her. Chris and I just sat there laughing because its really cute that they are some what playing with each other!

...Things we are looking forward to of the Upcoming Week...

  • Chris and I going out to dinner with some friends
  • Getting things ready for Makenzie's FIRST Birthday Party on Sunday
  • I'm going to Celine Dion's Opening Show on Tuesday
Night with one of My Best Friends!! Excited for Girls Night!
  • Bumpa (Chris's Dad) is coming into town.
We are looking forward to spending some time with him.
  • Makenzie FIRST BIRTHDAY....AHHH!!

That's the BIG news from the LIL' Gerhardts

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