Thursday, February 3, 2011


We have been super busy the last week in a half!

Chris was in training all last week during the day,

which left Kenzie and I home to play!

...Weekly Highlights...

* Chris was home all week with us!

(very sad that he has to go back to work tonight) =(

*We went to Bonnie Springs

~We loved every minute of it. Kenzie was able to look

at all different kinds of animals. Chris has never been there.

He really enjoyed the old western feel of it.

*We went to Church been in Church.

We have been watching it online lately!

*Had a BBQ with My Dad and Step Mama

*Went out with some amazing friends
(The Medrano's and The Collier's) for Dinner and a Movie!

We went to Lucille's and then We saw "No Strings Attached"

It was a really CUTE movie!

*Spring Cleaning

~Not sure who is nesting more..Chris or Myself! But we started cleaning EVERYTHING!! We started in the nursery. I've been wanting to clean out the closet in there and make more room for stuff for Kayden, and get rid of some stuff that we have never used or don't use anymore. After we were finished with the nursery, we head into our room. We actually have a room! We had lots of papers and just lots of stuff laying around that either needed to be put away or thrown away! So lets just say that
I'm loving having a clean house!

That was our week!! I'm sure there were some things that

I missed but that pretty much somes up everything!

Hope everyone had a great week, and hope everyone
has a great rest of the week!

Here are some of the weeks pictures....

January 24th
New Hairstyle...Having fun in the bath!

January 25th
Fresh out of the Bath!

January 26th
Thinking really hard! LoL!

January 27th
Hanging out with Grandma Laurie!

January 28th
This is what I get for not watching her for a minute! LoL

January 29th
Getting her haircut for the first time!

January 30th
Playing with her new friend!

January 31st
Helping daddy build stuff!

February 1st
Crawling all over daddy!

Feburary 2nd
Hanging out with daddy while I was at school!

Feburary 3rd
Playing like a big girl and she is sucking on her bottom! Too funny!

February 3rd
Kenzie helping me fold her!

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