Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodbye Jeans....

Hello FAT Pants!!
Its official, I can't wear my normal jeans anymore! I know what your thinking...
I know I'm almost 28 weeks pregnant and I shouldn't of been in my jeans that long.
But I guess I can say I was one of the lucky ones to be able to wear my jeans this long!
I guess its time to start wearing Fat Pants aka Maternity Pants!
I really don't like wearing them. I just feel like a big fat cow! lol sorry!
And I'm just not comfortable in them!
I do wish it was warm enough to wear sun dresses. But its still tooooo cold to wear them.
...So updates on Kayden's pregnancy...
* Almost 28 Weeks Pregnant
* I took the glucose test two weeks ago, and still have not
got a call back from my doctor! Thank Goodness!!
* I have only gained between 10-15 pounds through this whole pregnancy so far!
* My back is not hurting that much anymore...Thank God! That was seriously painful! Although, my pubic bone feels like it is already separating. (Don't remember it feeling like this, this early with Makenzie)
* Waddling--Still Waddling a little bit. I can't help it!

Next Week, I have a doctor's appointment! I will keep you posted on that! =)

27 Weeks and 6 days!

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