Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our LiL Adventure

Today, Makenzie and I were lucky enough to have my hubby (Chris/Daddy)
home with us on a SATURDAY!!
This does not happen all the time. He is usually home with us in the
morning until about 1 pm

and then he heads to work. Well this Saturday, We actually got to spend the


day with him!


(I don't think my smile can get any

So we made plans to get out of the house, and since the weather was sooo

BEAUTIFUL outside!!

We first head to my sister's work to get Chris and Makenzie's haircut!

Yes, this was Makenzie's first haircut EVER!!

Her hair was getting so long in the front that she was having a hard time seeing,

so we finally made the decision that we just get that cut

and that's it, nothing else!!

After we got their hair cut, we head over to my dad's house and picked him up. We were heading out to Bonnie Springs for the day. Basically, what Bonnie Springs (I attached the link) is, is a Ranch/ little western town out by Red Rock Canyon (about 10 to 15 miles outside of Vegas). They have a Train Ride, Western Shows, a Restaurant, and a Petting Zoo!

When we first got there, We looked at the show list and they were having their first show of the day...the Melodrama! It was very corny but it was a good laugh! After that, they had another show, which was the hanging. Chris wanted to watch both of these shows, so we did! =) Once the shows were over, we started walking around. Looking at the old buildings, walking into the shops,and just enjoying the beautiful weather!

We then headed over to the Petting Zoo...which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Bonnie Springs, besides that Chris has never been their before and I knew he would enjoy it! But anyways, we headed to the Petting Zoo, and Makenzie was glued on all the animals. There were so many different kinds of animals. I thought it was crazy how they let the deer, chickens, rosters, ducks just roaming around with all the people in there.

After we left Bonnie Springs, We headed to lunch! We were all in the mood for some kind of BBQ burger of some sort, and I remember when we were heading out to Bonnie Springs. I saw this place called Bachi Burger! The food there is amazing!! You definitely need to check it out.
Once we finished with our lunch, we head home and passed out.
We were all so tired from all the fun that we had.

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