Tuesday, February 22, 2011

30 Week Check Up!!

Don't you love the sound of a baby's heart beat inside the mother's belly. So do I, especially my little man's. Today, I had my 30 Week Check Up. Normally, we drop off Makenzie with her Godfather, so Chris and I can enjoy some quite time but also because we would like to have the doctor's full attention and answer questions that need to be answered. Today was different, we thought that we would just bring her with us. Which would have not been a bad idea if the wait was not over an hour. My appointment was at 1:45 and I was not seen until 2:35. Blah...for wait...lol!

About half way through of waiting, Chris made the decision to take Makenzie out to the car and try to get her to go to sleep. He did not have much luck out there. I eventually was called back and put into the patient room, and Dr. Fleisher came in. He checked to see if I had any concerns about anything, and how I was feeling. Then he started checking the measurements from my pubic bone all the way to the top of the uterus. The measurements were measuring at what a 32 week measurements should be at, and I'm only 30 weeks. Dr. Fleisher made the comment that I was going to be having a 12 pound baby, and I said, "that is not funny!!" lol... After we discovered I could be two weeks ahead, he checked Kayden's heart beat. Which is one of my favorite parts. I just love listening to his little heart. I guess it is just reassuring that everything is going great, that there IS really a life in there, and that I'm not getting this big belly for any reason, lol!!!

But, after Dr. Fleisher checked out the measurements again, he order an ultrasound for my next appointment. I was really excited to have made an ultrasound appointment, not just because I wanted to see how big this little man is, but also because we have not seen him for about 12 weeks. When we actually do get to see him it will be 14 weeks. That is just way to long to go without seeing the little miracle that you have living inside you. So, anyways, we have an ultrasound on March 8th. I'm really curious on how big he really is and if my due date is going to be getting moved up :/...

That was the big news from this check up; finding out my measurements were measuring up to be two weeks earlier than they should be...

I'm not going to lie, I'm still in a little bit of shock! I'm a little nervous that we wont have everything ready in time. I told Chris that and he looked at me and was like, "what honestly do we have to do?" Which is true, but I want his side of the room to be done, I would love to have the baby shower before he gets here, lol, and I just want to have closure on the pregnancy and be ready for the birth! But, like they say, you are never REALLY ready, lol!!!

I'm super excited that we will get to meet our little man sooner, hopefully. However, I'm not going to get my hopes up. So my due date is May 1st until Dr. Fleisher says other wise!!

That's the Big news from the Lil' Gerhardts!!

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