Monday, February 21, 2011

This Week...

...On Sunday...
*Makenzie turned 11 months old! I know...very scary! She is turning into one of the cutest little girls ever. Every day her personality shows more and more.

*Went and had dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Nill. It was good catching up with them. They were happy that they could spend sometime with Makenzie.

...On Monday...
*My dad bought us our new Double Stroller and Car Seat.
I think I'm going to nickname it the LIZARD, because it is seriously soo long, huge, and GREEN! lol THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH Daddy and Sheri for the Stroller and Car Seat. I know Makenzie and Kayden will love riding in it! After we got the Stroller and Car Seat, we headed to lunch with my Dad and Sister. We went to one of my favorites...Lucille's BBQ!! Yum!! and of course we had Fried Pickles...I could seriously eat a whole plate to myself if Chris would let me. hehe!! Makenzie was able to try her first fried pickle! She LOOOOVVVEEEEDDD them!! =)

*Later that night, we went out with some of our great friends...The Medrano's and The Collier's! I just love catching up with all of them. We went to dinner at the Hash House in the M Resort. The food was amazing and very LARGE portions...So if you go there, make sure to have a LARGE appetite or share a meal with someone.

...Check out Chris and My Meals...
Holy COOOWWW! Now that is a hamburger. Chris was definitely not able to
put his mouth around this!!

This was my huge Chicken Pot Pie. I have never seen such a huge pot pie before,
you even get a cool hat as well!! =) lol Just Kidding!

Chris showing off the cool hat that came with my Chicken Pot Pie!

...On Tuesday...
*We had a very relaxing day. I woke up with Kenzie around 7 am, played and fed her. Around 9am, Chris was waking up, so he took over to let me sleep for a few hours. About 11 am, we all had lunch and got ready for my doctor's appointment. My doctor's appointment went well, besides having to sit there for about an hour and a half to be seen. Read this for further info about the doctors appointment!!
*Later on that day, I had class from 6 to 7pm online. We talked to my favorite mother in law in the whole wide world, we watched The Biggest Loser (one of my favorite shows), and we watched the movie Unstoppable!! Good Movie...You definitely should watch it!! Although, I think its a one time watch or one of those movies you will watch if your looking for action! But I think I would choose a different movie for action! lol!

...On Wednesday...
*I got up with Makenzie and then fed her. Got Chris up so I could get ready for an eventful day. I went to the Hospital to register for the delivery. My doctor advise me that should seriously do that very soon! After leaving the Hospital, I head to My Best Friend, Lacie...She lives on the other side of the universe, but luckily enough close to school. We started last week making props for Makenzie's 1st birthday photo session that is coming up this Saturday! I'm so excited for her photo session!!

*Around two, I had to head to school! I was there from 2 until about 5. After leaving school, I was stuck in traffic pretty much the whole way home. I did stop at Babies R Us to exchange Makenzie shoes that we got her on Monday. One shoe was smaller on her than the other one, even though they were the same size. Very Weird, I know! But I got a bigger size that way she can wear them for awhile!! I was very proud of myself for only going into that store without buying anything!! =)
*When I finally made it home around 615 or so, Hubby had dinner ready to eat, we gave Kenzie a bath, and put her to bed. Started to watch American Idol, but I could not even make it the first 5 minutes into!!

...On Thursday...
*Chris and I were both ZOMBIES! I had a hard time getting up with Makenzie, I did it but I was not fully awake. Chris got up and worked out, but I was sound asleep on the couch while Makenzie was wide awake playing with her toys. Thankfully, She knows what she can and cant do! So when Chris got back from working out, he told me to go back to bed for a little bit. Next I know it, he is crawling back in bed with me and Makenzie is sound to sleep in her bed. lol!!

*We finally got up and got ready for the day by 11, shortly after Makenzie was waking up. I made lunch, and shortly after Chris left for work! Makenzie and I went and had an early dinner with Lyndsey and Ann!! It was good catching up with them! =)

...On Friday...
* We hung out at home all day. Makenzie and I were definitely homebodies. We played, ate, slept, and made crafts (actually I made crafts, while she was in bed) but it felt so good to do nothing for awhile. =) We also had some visitors..My Mom came by to see us for a little bit, and then my sister came over later on that day. It was good seeing both of them.

...On Saturday...
* We were suppose to go get Makenzie's first pictures done, but the weather was not making it to be a pretty day. So we asked Ali, our Photographer, if we could reschedule to another day that is going to be sunny. Thankfully Ali is so amazing that she rescheduled us to Monday.
*For most of the morning, Chris, Makenzie and Myself were sleeping. Which I'm very glad that I did because I was feeling very overheated and nauseous. After I woke, I was not overheating or feeling nauseous anymore, but woke up with a sore throat and a runny nose. I really hope that I'm not coming down with anything. I don't have time to be!! But for the rest of the day, Makenzie and I played and hung out. We had some great laughs. She always knows how to put a smile on my face.

...On Sunday...
* We hung out at home in the morning, watched Church Online. Thankfully our Church is soo awesome that we are able to do that. It makes it so much easier when you have a baby that goes down for a nap around the time services start.
*Later on that day, I went and got a massage, which was very much needed. Thanks Mama, for setting that up for me. After my massage, I headed home to get ready and get Kenzie ready. We were having dinner at Lucille's BBQ for my Step Mom's 50th Birthday!! I was excited to see Chris during his lunch. He was actually able to join us! =)

...Weekly Photos...

Being silly at dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Nill

Having lunch with Auntie Brit and Grandpa Victor at Lucille's...yum!

Hanging out at home!

Daddy Day! Going for a walk

Looking outside, wondering what the world has to offer her..l0l!

Being a cuddle bug this evening. Loving this, she normally doesn't do this! =)

Being a silly girl before bed! lol

Who Me? lol! I love those big blue eyes!

My Two Loves!

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