Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365 Week One and Two

Everyone keeps asking me what Project 365 is...

Well, let me tell you...

Basically, I will be taking a picture of our little princess everyday, So we can all watch her grow. I will start doing this with Kayden when he is here with us.

I got this great idea from one of my friends. She actually did it every day last year, and I got to watch her three beautiful children grow through out the year. She had so much fun doing her "Project 365" So I thought I would join in the fun this year and do it as well!!

So I hope you all enjoy all the pictures that we have posted so far...

Here are the first 15 days of 2011...


January 1st
"I have the prettier face" An inside joke between My Sister and I
January 2nd
Makenzie standing up playing with the remote
January 3rd
"Let me out Mama"
January 4th
Bath Time!!
January 5th
My little Super Women!!
January 6th
My Princess and I, even though I'm not look at the mirror!
January 7th
One HOT little Tangerine!!
January 8th
Such a big girl!!
January 9th
Makenzie bumped her head :(
January 10th
Happy Girl
January 11th
Daddy, Kenzie, and Clea this morning!
January 12th
At the Mall, just got our pictures taken!
January 13th
My Beautiful Princess!!
January 14th
Playing with her Telephone
January 15th
At the Park, watching Shelbie playing Softball!

I hope you enjoyed the first 15 days of January as much as we did!!

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