Saturday, January 8, 2011

Craft Time....

Makenzie's FIRST birthday is coming up very quickly!!
It still blows me away that she is going to be one in a couple of months.
So last night, I deceided that I should probably get a start on planning her birthday.
I came up with the idea of a "Lady Bug" themed party.
So today, I went to Hobby Lobby
(this is a very dangerous store) and bought:
* White Paper
* Red Paper
* Black Pip Cleaners
* Black Markers
* Black small fuzzy balls
Later on that day, Makenzie and I headed over to the Pringle's House, and made her invites.
Thank you for all your help, and the great laughs:
* Mama
* Lyndsey
* Ann

We had a blast making these and they turned out really cute! I really want to send them out now, but her birthday party is not until the 20th of March!!
Here is a picture of our creation:

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