Saturday, January 15, 2011

15 More Weeks until we get to meet...

Our Little Man!!
I can't believe that I am 25 weeks Pregnant...
Where has the time gone? Seriously?!?!
So I know I promised My Mom that I would not complain during this pregnancy.
But it is very hard to when:
~My back hurts
~I'm very uncomfortable
~ I hate being fat and feel like a cow
and I'm starting to waddle!
Do you know how hard it is not to try to WADDLE?!?!
I'm sure it has alot to do with my back hurting but still,
I did not waddle with Makenzie, and I don't want to Waddle with Kayden!
Okay, Okay, I'm sorry, I'm done!! But I just need to get that off my chest! lol!!
But I do want to point out that pregnancy is really not that bad!
I love the fact that Chris and I created this little miracle together,
how I can feel him move around, and just the joys of pregnancy.
I can't wait to hold my little man!
Sorry for my complaining up above, I just don't like some of the things that
I'm going through right now with my lower back. I'm going to be starting to go to a new
Chiropractic office that specializes in just pregnant women. So I'm hoping that they will be able
to help me out for the next 15 weeks!!

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  1. oh my goodness Ash, so exciting!!!! so excited to meet your little boy!!! miss you!!


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