Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And Daddy saves the Day!! =)

Makenzie has this favorite stuff seahorse that she has to sleep
with every time she either goes down for a nap or goes to bed for the night.
This Seahorse is a lifesaver. It lights up (so its great for a night light in her crib)
and it also plays soothing music.
So last night, Chris and I lay her down for bed and we cover her up with her blanket, then we give her seahorse, and then we push the belly to turn on the light and the music. Well the light came on but it was not so bright and the music just made it sound like the seahorse was dying. Lucky, Makenzie was soo tired that she did not notice that it was making a funny sound. But later on she wakes up, and normally she will push the seahorse and goes back to sleep. This time that did not happen. She noticed that it was sounding different.

So Chris hurries in there grabs it and tries to change the batteries. The screws that hold the batteries in are soo tiny that I could barely see them. Chris did not have anything that tiny to take the screws out, so he is running around the house looking for something to get these screws out. (and let me say, this is at like midnight when all this is happening) Luckily, he found something that worked. So he hurried and put the batteries in, screwed it back up and ran it into her room, and she is back to sleep...

....And Daddy saves the day (or should I say Night...lol) Thank God! lol! =)


  1. Your husband is absolutely amazing lovey!! Such a cute story!

  2. Ah, sweet Daddy to the Rescue story :-). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww, Grace has the same seahorse! The problem is that she's been sleeping in our bed for months, so she doesn't really use it. I decided to put her in her own bed this week, but it made me too sad. We made it one hour until she woke up crying. Now she's curled up next to me again haha :)

  4. I love that seahorse! Its a life saver. Its so cute to see her curled up with it when we go in a check on her.
    I know its hard to put them in their own bed but trust me you will love it. Being able to curl up to your hubby, have room to spread out. Trust me I love every moment I get to snuggle with Makenzie but being almost 30 weeks pregnant is not easy when she moves so much in her sleep. LoL! But good luck with trying to get her to sleep in her own bed. It was a challenge for all of us but you will love it!


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