Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whats New with Ms. Makenzie Nichole?

Ms. Makenzie is 9 months old already! I know where has the time gone!!
She weighs about 26 lbs, Her height is 29 inches long, and Her head size is 43 cm around.
Lets just say that she is in the 95% for her size!
She has FOUR teeth now, and two more are working their way in.

What does Makenzie LOVES to do?
~She loves PULLING HERSELF UP, and walking around the couch.
~She loves to laugh, and she has the cutest laugh ever!
~She loves the fact that she can feed herself like with breads, Cheerios, or
anything she is able to pick up with her fingers to put in her mouth.
~She loves to play in her room with all her toys.
~She loves to chase the cats around the house.
(and yes the cats actually let her play with them, I think they
personally like when she plays with them)
~She loves her Daddy and Mommy!!
~She loves bath time!!

Here are so pictures of Ms. Makenzie...

Getting ready with Mommy!!

Bath Time!!

My Little Super Women!!
(trying to walk around the changing table)

Such a Daddy's Girl!!

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