Friday, October 8, 2010

What a FUN age...

Makenzie is getting more fun everyday!
She is soo active now...
~She loves to grab anything and everything that we will let her get her hands on
~She is always moving unless she is sleeping, but sometimes she is moving all over the place in her sleep
~She is starting to understand the word "NO" even though we really did not want to use that with her..but its the easiest thing that she understands right now. When we do say the word "no" to her and she has something that we don't want her to have, we say the word "no" and if she does not let go we lightly slap her hand...sometimes it does take us two or three times to get her to let go but she does not go back to that object. (thank god)

Here are some of our little active Princess:

Very Excited about her new toy....!

Loving her new big girl car seat...

Getting ready to go out and about...

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