Sunday, October 17, 2010

11 WeEks...

Sorry that I have been so behind on posting this blog..but here we go!
11 Weeks...Wow!!
I can't believe that I am 11 weeks pregnant already...These last few weeks have flown by me. I know when it comes to the end I will be saying something totally different than that but right now they are going by very quickly.
I'm starting to feel a lot better...I'm not very nauseous anymore. Although, I'm still not able to be in the same room while meat is being cooked, can't see it when it's raw, or barely can eat it..I am able to eat chicken tenders, or anything that is breaded.
I have a new craving that I have discovered in the past week or so... My amazing Mother~in~Law sent us a box of goodies...
It had inside:
~ Halloween Bib and Socks for Makenzie
~ Her amazing Monster Cookies
~ My favorite Candy Receses Pieces
~ Her famous Salsa (that Chris finished in about a week)
~ Rhubarb Jam!! YUMMY!!
So you guessed it, My new craving is Rhubarb Jam, I have to have in the morning on toast for breakfast, snack, dinner, and a midnight snack. I'm just about out. But thankfully She gave me the receipt so I can make it.
This Weeks of Development of the Baby are:
~Just over 1 1/2 inches long
~About the size of a Fig

~ The babies hands are soon to be able to open and close (makes a fist)

~Tooth buds are beginning to appear underneath the gums

~Some of the bones are starting to harden

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