Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Makenzie's FIRST pumpkin!!!

This past Tuesday, Chris, Myself, Daniel, and Lyndsey took Makenzie to the Pumpkin Patch. She loved every minute of it, although she was not very sure what these big orange weird looking things were. It was really cute seeing her trying to figure it all out.

Uncle Drano and Makenzie...Having some
(I love Daniel's facial expressions)

Chris and I

Makenzie and Daddy being goofy......

Makenzie and Daddy...She started enjoying everything.. The LiL' Gerhardts and Makenzie's First Pumpkin
(its as big as she is)

Then We went back to Daniel and Lyndsey's house to Carve the Pumpkins...

Makenzie and Daddy..(I use to take a picture like this with my daddy every Halloween)

Lyndsey and Daniel craving out their pumpkin...The final piece of the Pumpkins...
(LiL Gerhardts on the left and the Medrano's on the Right)

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