Sunday, October 17, 2010

12 WeEks PrEgO!!

Where has the time gone? I feel like we just found out that we are having another baby.

Tomorrow, I will have my monthly check up. I'm looking forward to this appointment because we will be able to hear the babies heart beat. Hearing the heart beat is such a relief of knowning that the baby is healthy and everything.

My doctor's appointment went well. My doctor said everything is right were I should be. I have been losing weight but that is not a big concern to him because I did this with Makenzie as well. The baby's heart beat is 150 which is perfect. The heart beat needs to be between 120-160 to be healthy. So all in all is good. My next appointment is Nov 15th

About my Health...I'm doing alot better. I am showing now, Its not very big but I can not hide the belly anymore. No more sucking in...haha!
I'm just about out of the first trimester....Thank God!!
I don't have no more morning sickness, or any kind of sickness. I'm still not able to eat meat that much, but I'm slowly starting to be able to eat chicken again.

The Developments of the Baby are:
~Eyes have moved to the front of the head
~Ears are in place
~Able to swallow
~Chin and Nose are more defined
~Weighs about 1/2 ounce
~2 1/2 inches long ( the sizes of your pinky finger or Vienna Sausage)

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