Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Am I dreaming or is She really 7 months old?

Makenzie has reached 7 months old ALREADY!!! AHHHH!!
Chris and I were actually talking about this last night, saying how 7 months ago I was actually just starting to go into labor with Miss Makenzie...It's crazy how time flies when you are having fun. I just want someone to pinch me or something because I feel like we just brought her home. Even though I know that's not the case but it seriously feels like it.
Makenzie has gotten her first cold at the age of 7 months. (Sad face) But thankfully I acted fast and got her to the doctors when I did. She was running a temperature of 99.1 at 5 this morning. So when we woke this morning around 8, I quickly called her doctors office and they asked us to come in. Luckily, we went in when we did because it could of gotten worse. She has the start of an Ear Infection. She actually got this cold from her daddy. She just loves spending so much time with him that she got her daddy's cold...
On a positive note...Makenzie is progressing in her development. Her doctor did say that she is
perfect at all her developments. She is weighing at 24 lbs and 12 oz now.
~Sitting up all by herself
~When she is laying down, she can pull herself in an upright sitting position
~Holding bottle so much better
~Walking really well around her Walker-round-about-thingy
~She is starting to get on all fours it wont be long that she will be crawling soon..
~And her newest favorite thing to do is CLAPPING...(it is soo cute when she starts to get excited about something she starts to clap or when she just wants to be really cute she claps)
Makenzie is growing so fast and she is at the age where its starting to be a lot of fun...She is sure very active now.
I forgot to mention that Makenzie now has two bottom front teeth, and her two top front teeth are coming in...(Chris and I cant wait for them to

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