Sunday, October 17, 2010

CaBiN DaYs!!

....This past week we spent our weekend up at my families cabin in Utah. We enjoyed the company of my parents (mom and papa), my grandma nancy, and our good friends (daniel and Lyndsey). We headed up the mountain on Monday Morning and then we headed home on Wednesday Afternoon...
...The whole time we were up there the weather was BEAUTIFUL!! I want to say it was in the mid 60s during the day and when it got dark it was in the mid 30s..burr! But I loved how we were able to wear sweatshirts all the time, and have the fireplace going...

The Love of my life and me!
Our Beautiful Baby Girl

...While we were up at the cabin we did a lot of:
~ Relaxing
~ Watched 80s Movies
~Played Pool
~ Sat by the fire
~ Watched Monday Night Football ( Sorry Babe about the Vikes losing..they will get them this week)
~Went on a drive around Panguitch Lake..We saw Deer, Cow's on the side of the road, and Buffalo
~Went to Strawberry Point (Daniel, Lyndsey, and Chris tried to give me a heart attack while we were up there)
Lynz and I
Daniel, Lynz, Chris and I up at Strawberry Point
Daniel being CRAZY!!
Daniel and Chris being ___crazy!!
...all in all it was a great trip!! Made lots of Memorable Memories!!

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