Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our New Challenge...

Makenzie has thrown a NEW CHALLENGE at us this week...
She has made the decision that she will not sleep in her crib for anything, but let me remind you that she has slept in her crib since she was 2 months old. Now that she is almost 6 months old she does not want to sleep in there. Chris and I have tried many different things to get her to sleep in there, such as rearranging her entire room, adding more padding to her crib, but nothing seems to be working. She will be sound asleep in her car seat, on our bed, in our arms, and the moment we put her down in her crib she screams her head off...
I honestly have no idea where this came about and why its happening..but If any of you have any suggestions that will be greatly appreciated.
Please HELP!! I want my bed back WITH just Chris and I!!


  1. Consistency and a bedtime routine worked for us. Maybe try a pack n play if you are desperate. It usually takes 3-7 days for babies, well, mine anyway... to do what I want them to do, like sleep in their crib, or go to bed without being rocked, etc... Also, have you always put her to bed awake? Or do you let her drift off? We have always put them to bed awake and I think that has been a lifesaver for us. Sounds weird, but true.

  2. We had a bedtime routine...Every night she would get a night time veggies, then bath, bed time lotion, and then she would fall asleep either on her own or in our arms. We were able to put her to bed without even waking her up..But this past week, that has been a different story. We usually just let her drift off, but the last two nights we have put her to bed awake and she falls asleep afterwards, although it takes us about 30 minutes to get her to sleep.
    Thanks for your advice Stinabella!


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