Sunday, September 19, 2010

DoUbLe DuTy MaMa...

I have been one busy mama!!
I'm a full time Wife, Full time Mama, Full time student and I work between 20-25 hours a week..
Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it!
But there are times I wonder how I do it.
I start going back to school about 2 months ago! I felt that I need to
start doing something more with my life.
This past friday, Makenzie got a little cold, she was throwing up and she also had diaarha pretty bad. That night I only got three hours of sleep. I was not able to sleep in because I had to go to school that morning.
Now, I'm paying for it. I think I'm getting a little cold as well. I can't get sick, I have so many different things I have to do, and so many responsiblitities that I have as a mama and a wife..ahh!
Thank God, That I have an amazing husband that will let me sleep in and take care of little miss!

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