Sunday, September 19, 2010

8 WeEks!!

I have made it TWO months Pregnant!! WooHoo!
The nauoeous has been put into full gear. Everytime I eat, I can not finish my food because I want to throw up..I hate this feeling! I never had this feeling when I was pregnant with Makenzie. So everything I am feeling now is soo new to me.
I am super excited that I have made it to the Two Months mark, because that will mean that I only have four more weeks of this crazyiness.
This Weeks of Development of baby is:
~Webbed fingers and toes have poked through the hands and feet
~eyelids pretty much cover the eyes
~breathing tubes extend from the baby's throat to the branches of the developing of the lungs
~The "tail" is almost gone
~The brain, nerves cells are branching out to one another
~ Forming primitive neural pathways
The baby is about the size of a Kidney Bean

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