Sunday, September 19, 2010

HaLf A yEaR oLd!!

Where has the time gone?
Our princess is 6 MONTHS OLD!!
She is getting so big, she has her 6 month well check on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it because I'm curious if she has lost weight to make her doctor happy.
At 6 Months Old Makenzie is able to do:
~Sit up on her own
~Holds her bottle when she is thristy
~Loves her veggies and fruit
~Flip on to her belly from her back, flip back to her back
~She is on the move..She is starting to crawl-it takes her about 2-3 minutes to move a few inches..but she is moving
~She is also getting into everything..she loves to touch anything and everything
~Makenzie has also cut her first tooth and about to cut two more! =)

We took Makenzie 6 months photoshoot today...The picture will be soon posted! We are super excited for them!

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