Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4 Months Old...

Happy Four Months, Makenzie!

I cannot believe four months ago I gave birth to our princess. I cannot believe how much she has grown.

Since she was born, she has been able to hold her head up all by herself. She is tracking everything and her daddy very well. Every time she sees her daddy or hears his voice she turns and looks for him. It is really cute! I definitely can tell she is a DADDY’S GIRL ALREADY…Chris is going to have his hands full when she is a little older. I’m a Daddy’s girl and I basically got away with and got things I wanted from my daddy. LoL Good Luck babe! You will need it!

On July 8th, she rolled over onto her belly all by herself. It was the coolest thing ever. Chris and I were so blessed that we were able to see her first time ever rolling over. At first, I thought I was the one that pushed her over like that, because I was looking at her belly. She had these little marks on her belly from the floor. So after she rolled over for the first time, I looked at Chris and he had this big ol’ smile on his face. I asked him if I did that or if that was her, and he said I think she did. So I wanted to see if she would do it again so I flipped her over again. The next thing I notice she is rolling over again. I was soo excited and happy.

Makenzie is teething now. She actually has been for a while, but now the tooth is starting to get very close to cutting. She is drooling all the time, trying to bite her hand off, and sucking on teething rings. We have been also using teething gel, which sometimes works for her.

Last night, Makenzie discovered that she could roll over in her crib and sleep on her belly. I’m not sure if I feel comfortable with her doing this. She just loves sleeping on her belly; every time we would flip her over to her back two seconds later she would be back on her belly. There was a point to where I scared her. It was funny but not funny that I scared her.

Today, I took Makenzie in for her four-month check up. I was going to get her ears pierce while we were there but the nurse that normally does it left already. I was bummed because I was going to surprise Chris with it but I guess today was not the day for that. Makenzie now weighs 20 lbs, she is 25 ¾ inches, and her head circumference is 43 1/3 cm. She is a big girl. Her doctor said that we could start to give her yellow veggies now…, which include carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. We are going to start with carrots tomorrow. Her doctor said that she should start to slim down a little bit with starting to eat solids. We also get to start giving her water. She will be able to have 6 to 8 oz a day. We still need to continue the rice cereal in the bottle, but we actually get to feed that on a spoon as well. This is going to be a fun next few months…

The LiL’ Gerhardt’s are heading to Cali tomorrow morning. We are going to be visiting Makenzie Great Grandma and her Great Great Grandma, and we will be also going to the beach for her first time. We will be making lots of great memories this weekend. We can’t wait…

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