Wednesday, October 19, 2011

M.I.A Status

Lately, I have been M.I.A with me finishing school, starting a new job, and just being a mother of a 19 month old & 6 month old and trying to be the wifey my hubby deserves. Which leaves barely any time for "me" time.

I hope that I can find the time for "me" and time to be able to do what I love to do...which is blog about our family, updates, photos or anything else that comes to mind.

Sooo I will do a quick LiL Update...

* I just graduated from Northwest Health Careers for Medical Billing and Coding.

* I was hired at the Billing Company that I was doing my externship at.

* Found out that My Brother in Law, Luke and Sister in Law, Lindsee making me an Auntie to a beautiful baby boy. I'm soo happy for them and can not wait to me my nephew.

* Hubby is in a pretty intense training class for work

* We just celebrated two years being married =)

* Makenzie is growing like a weed ... & I think we have entered the start of terrible twos. =( But this shall past...hoping sooner than later lol She has all of her teeth but one. (Which is crazy to say that she has all her teeth but one) Makenzie's newest thing is bring a baby with us where ever we go. Its soo cute, she holds her baby like I do with Kayden, she burps her baby, tries to feed her, and she will even put her baby down for night nite...which she actually says.

* Kayden is finally starting to sit up but falls over every now a then, He is starting to hold his bottle by himself, and he is starting to walk in his round about now, He is a roller, put him down and few seconds later he will be on the other side of the room. He is definitely a busy bee just like his sister.

My Handsome Hubby and I

My Beautiful Princess

My Handsome LiL Man

Until Next Time...
Have a Great Night =)

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