Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Months Old

Dear LiL Man,
You are growing up to be quite the LiL cutie. I still cant believe that you are a half of a year old. Can you please stop growing up soo fast. It is making me really sad. Especially this past weekend when we went to buy you a bigger car seat. I was not expecting that to happen right away.

You definitely loved sitting up while we were shopping for your new car seat. Mommy and Daddy Definitely loved listening to all the LiL Giggles coming out of you.

Lately, you just love to smile and smile and smile. Which makes me feel amazing. You are one happy and healthy lil man.

You Love hanging out with Makenzie and playing. This past week, you and Makenzie were just hanging out in your highchairs, and daddy and I were just sitting back watching the two of you. You both started playing and laughing at each other. It was the cutest thing ever.

You love to roll over from your back to your belly. No lie, I would put you down, within a few seconds of putting you down, you are on your belly.

I'm not to sure what your stats are at this point, but you have your check up in a few weeks. =)
If I had to guess on how much you weigh right now, I would have to say 20 pounds. You are definitely growing up to be quite the cutie. I just love watching you discover new things.

Things you Enjoy...
~Sitting up
~Rolling Over
~Eating Food
~Playing with Kenzie
~Peak a Boo
~Being Tickled

I Love You, Kayden Christopher Roy!!
Love always and forever,

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  1. I love this blog entry. No doubt, Kayden will too!!!


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