Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

This week started out really good but ended very scary....Us, LiL Gerhardts hope we never have to go through this again, EVER!!!
*Chris ran out of sick days
*I ran out of patience
*Kenzie ran out of lil brother days
*Kayden ran out of the HOSPITAL!!

Really Good Start of the week...

Kenzie playing in the nursery having a good ol' time!

Fell asleep watching a movie
Having a picnic at the park

Sucky part of the week...
LiL Man was admitted into the hospital

Still being super cute even when he did not fell good
I just love this smile!!
Definitely feeling a lot better. He was talking up a storm!!
Letting me know everything is going to be okay

I hope everyone had a better week then we had....
I'm definitely hoping this upcoming week is a better one!!
Until Next time...


  1. Your photos are sweet. I hope Lil man is better and I wish a better week for you.

  2. Your babies are precious! I hope he gets better soon!

  3. Thank You! He is doing a lot better now. He is pretty much back to his self again. Giggling, Smiling, Kooing, Kicking, splashing in the bath...all the good things that a baby should do! =) Thank you again!

  4. Oh no!!! What a week! I am SO glad your little guy is better now. I hate it when they get sick. Thanks so much for joining the swap!!

  5. Sorry you had a back time of it. We seem to be having a rough streak too. The ups and downs sure keep life interesting. It's nice to meet you. Following from the Monday Monkey Blog Hop. Feel free to pop by if you get a chance. Kim

  6. sweet pictures
    poor thing.. hope hes feeling better
    hi im a new follower from Monkey Hop Monday
    i would love a follow back
    have a great week!
    From Cristin To Mommy

  7. Hello! I am a new follower from the blog hop!
    Your pictures are so cute! I love your little boy. How adorable!
    I hope to see you over at Jennifer's Deals.

  8. Beautiful babies - love your blog, newest follower!


  9. Very sweet pictures, prayers and {{hugs}} for your lil guy!

    I thought that last picture was of baby doll arms :)

    I'm your newest follower! Stop in at Closer to Lucy's when you get a chance!

  10. What cute pictures!
    Following from the hop! Follow back if you have time! :)


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