Friday, June 24, 2011

Well Check Ups

This past Monday, We took Makenzie and Kayden into their new doctor's office for their Well Checks. They both got their shots and they are both healthy as can be. Having them get their shots on the same day was good but bad in away! lol They both sleep a few hours after receiving their shots but when they woke up they screamed their heads off for a few hours at a time which equals to not fun at all!

On Miss Makenzie 15 Month Well Check:

*Weighs 28,3 lbs 99%
*33 Inches Tall 99%
*19 Inches circumference 97%

She is defiantly a big girl, but very healthy! =)
Her developments for this month are:
*being able to say 3-6 specific words
*Understands and follows 1 step commands

Luckily she does all three! Woohoo! =)

On Mr. Kayden 2 Month Well Check:

*Weighs 14lbs and 9.5oz 98%
*24.2 inches tall 88%
* 16 inches head circumference

He is also a big boy, and healthy! =)
His developments for this month are:
*Eyes follow past midline
*Social Smile
*Lifts Head
*Vocalizes, makes sounds back to mommy and daddy
*Searches for sounds

Kayden is definitely developing great. I think he is trying to get big and strong so he can play with his sister. He was doing all these before he turned two months old!

I'm gladly to say that we have two healthy and beautiful children!!

Here are there Well Check Pictures:Kenzie loved Dr. Carrie's stool

Just relaxing before Dr. Carrie came in


  1. very cute! i love the your little cubba my son is 30 months and same weight :) follow back form minnesota momma :) thx for stopping by i am in a town called dassel its an hour west of minneapolis

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