Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Week...

This week I have mainly recovering after the delivery of our son, Kayden, but slowly starting to get into a routine again. Feels great being able to do things for myself again. Don't get me wrong, my husband took amazing care of me as well as Makenzie. But I'm the type of person that likes to do things for myself...I'm very independent when it comes to things like that. So I do want to thank my amazing husband for taking such great care of me while I was on bed rest for those 10 days. If it wasn't for you then Kayden would have been born a lot sooner than 37 weeks.


Saturday Night, My Dad and Step Mama invited us over for dinner!! We BBQ, went for a walk, had dessert, and tried to watch Jungle Book...But Kenzie started getting really fussy!!

Sunday, We took Makenzie and Kayden to the park for a little bit! Then Chris and I went out for the first time after having Kayden. My mom offered to watch Makenzie and Kayden for us to let us have some "us" time!! Thank you soo much mama!! It was very much needed!! =) We went to dinner at Famous Daves...Soo Yummy!! Then went to Target to get the Easter Basket goodies.

Monday Night, We went over to our best friends house and had a yummy pot roast and twice backed potatoes. It was good visiting with everyone.

Wednesday, We took them to see the Easter Bunny

Thursday, Relaxing at home and gave Kayden his first bath!

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