Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny Here We Come...

Today, We visited the Easter Bunny...
I dressed Makenzie and Kayden up in their Easter Attire that
Grandpa and Grandma Nill gave them.
(Thank You Dad and Step Mama for the adorable outfits)

On Our way to see the Easter Bunny...
Kenzie was DEFINITELY EXCITED about it!!

Notice Makenzie is holding on to Kayden's foot!!! I never noticed that until now. How precious.

Makenzie is 13 Months Old
Kayden is 10 Days Old

Both Makenzie and Kayden with the EASTER Bunny!!! When it was time to leave, Makenzie stood in front of the bunny for about 30 seconds and did not want to leave :( I'm very proud of both of them for not freaking out--Crying like the little girl that was in front of us.

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