Saturday, April 16, 2011

13 Months Old...ahh...

Our Princess is offically 13 months old!
Seriously where did the time go? She is growing up soo fast!
She is seriously growing up to be the most amazing little girl!!

Here is what Makenzie has been up to...
*Full on Walker~ No more crawling for this little girl!!
*Eats all her fruits and veggies before her meats!
*Laughs at everything
*Loves the outdoors..Chris and I have been taking her and Kayden
outside a lot since the weather is amazing!
*Can say many words now...Ma-Ma (mom), Da-Da (dad), itty (kitty), dog dog, hi, hi herr (hi there), hi uys (hi guys) num-nums(any kind of food), botle botle (sippy cup). I'm sure I'm missing some words but those are basically all the words!!
*She is getting really tall..She can pretty much open and close doors
*Not really sure how much she weighs, but she is sooo HEAVY!!
*Plays very well by herself
*She also understands us..When we tell her to do something, she actually does it. Or even when we tell her No or that she cant have something--Majority of the time she wont!!

I just can't get over that fact that Makenzie is already 13 months old!
It feels like she was just born!!

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  1. She's definitely a sweetheart!!! I can't wait to you all in three days!! Love ya Lotz!!!


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