Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day~ In Chris' Words!

I have asked Chris to write this blog...Since the date was for him!! =)

So here it goes...

The Valentine's 2011 celebration began the night before, at 12:45am when I came home from work. I picked up some things for Makenzie and brought home some ingredients for Chicken Parmigiana, thanks Bertolli's :)

Surprise #1.
Upon arriving home, I surprised Ashley with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!!! However, she also surprised me with a large basket of goodies and letters, which had homemade chocolates, cupcakes, and suckers. They were delicious. The letters were warm and comforting. But the best gift of all was the
30 Reasons I Love You, home made from old cereal boxes, patterns, and many, many family photos. Reading what Ashley made, from her heart, made my eyes water, but the most emotional part was reading her vows she wrote for our wedding on the last page.

After the gifts, I prepared some Chicken Parmigiana, some warmed fresh baked bread, and a glass of wine as Ashley had a glass of Cream Soda. It was a delicious end to a stressful workweek. After dinner we fell asleep around 2:00am.

Surprise #2.
The following morning, I was awoken to the laughter of our daughter Makenzie around 7:30am. Ashley gave me a heart-shaped adventure booklet.

After getting dressed, we were all ready to embark on our Valentine's adventures. The first clue led us to the Omelet House, were we enjoyed and shared a delicious "38 Special" omelet, and yes, it was smoking!!!

Surprise #3.
After breakfast, I read the next clue, which lead us to the Mandalay Bay to enjoy the Shark Reef with Makenzie. Unbeknownst to us, there was a bi-annual fashion convention which will attract over 90,000 people to the south end of the Strip, so parking was difficult!!! Makenzie LOVED the shark reef as she really enjoys watching fish, reptiles, and other animals. I think she would be content watching animals for days!

Surprise #4.
Following the Shark Reef, we decided to head on home for a nap. After 2 hours, we woke up refreshed and I read the next clue. We ended up being able to share a subway sandwich and go to Acacia Park where we all enjoyed a picnic as Makenzie loved going on the swing and watch softball games while dogs bark in the background at the dog park!

Surprise #5.
We went from Acacia park back home and got ready to go out to Dinner! We dropped Makenzie off at Victor's house at which time I read another clue leading us to the Cheesecake Factory at the Strip inside Ceasars' Palace. I did not know this, but upon entering the restaraunt, Ashley said we wanted a table for four! I was confused, but when Daniel and Lyndsey Medrano showed up, the conversation flowed as we all ordered what we ordered on our individual first dates at the Cheesecake factory. Ashley had the Four Cheese Pasta, I had the Chicken Thai Pasta,
and we both shared a Pizzette.

Surprise #6.
Following the Cheesecake Factory, we walked down from the third floor as we watched two white females stealing quarters from the Ceasar fountains. I was yelling at her from the third floor spiral escalator's, but even though most everyone else looked up at me and smiled, the two subjects either did not hear me or ignored me. Upon getting to the main floor, Daniel and myself took some photos of the females stealing change as I told Ashley and Lyndsey to, "let me go ahead and confront them." Upon walking to them, they stood up and began to walk towards the exit. I then advised the slower one that, "there is something leaking from your bag." She paused, looked at me, and continued walking away. The best part is her bag looked like it was going to break because there WAS water dripping from it, lol... I then pleaded with her to, "look in your bag because I think you have an open bottle of water... it may be damaging other items in your bag!" She said, "Don't worry about it". I then asked her, "what should happen to someone who steals change from a wishing well fountain?" She shrugged her shoulders, turned around, and almost was in a full run from the area. Daniel and I followed her to the front doors as she began running. It had to be the funniest thing that happened all week.

Surprise #7.
After getting our vehicle back from Valet, we drove to the Bellagio where we walked around the Bellagio Gardens (Asian themed)
and later watched the Bellagio Watershow near the strip. We were surprised to watch the "Cops" film crew filming several cop cars right next to the watershow.

Surprise #8.
After the watershows, we had our own little water show at another nearby fountain. We posed for pictures as professional photgraphers were taking pictures of tourists from the other side, however, I dont think we were the focus of their photos :), thank goodness!!! We all left around 10:30pm to meet up at the Yogurtland at Eastern and I-215. It was yo-ohmygod-gurt goodness. We all left, picked up Makenzie who was sleeping like a baby
from Victor's and went home.

Surprise #9.
Again, I was surprised upon entering the house as there was a bottle of apple cider, a movie (Bounty Hunter), a teddy bear, and two cups of popcorn all laying professionally on a new soft red blanket. We put Makenzie back to sleep and settled in for the movie. As you could predict, due to the 5 hrs of sleep the night before, and the full activities from 730am to 1230am, we both fell asleep before the movie ended.

All in all, the BEST Valentine's Day EVER!
It will be hard to beat this day in the next several celebrations.

Until next time,
Thats the Big' News from the Lil' Gerhardts

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