Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Little Dare Devil...

Makenzie is officially our little Dare Devil!
She is trying new and bigger things each day...
...Such as...
*Climbing off our bed with no fear.
We usually have to hurry and catch her right before she falls off
*Trying to pull herself up on different things, the table, couch, our bed, anything and everything that has some what of a height to it.
*Walking...She is soo close to walking its not even funny!
Today, she was walking around her toy cuby thing that we have for her,
and she fell and hit her head. Now, She has this pretty little bruise right on her forehead!

I just need to be prepared for all these future bruise and scraps! I'm sure I will be experiencing more and more as she gets older as well as when Kayden starts getting active!

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