Friday, February 18, 2011

Discovering New Tastes...

This past week, Makenzie has been really into eating more of our foods than her own. Which is a bitter but sweet moment. Its bitter because Makenzie is growing up to eat big people foods now, and its sweet because I dont have to feed her something that we arent having, and on the plus side...we dont have to keep buying all those expensive baby foods!!

...So what has she tried in the past week...
*Eggs and Potatoes from the Omelet House...
She has had both of these before but not like this!!

She loves the creaming noodles and the chicken

*Mac N Cheese...
She has had it before but Ive actually had to feed them to her,
but now she feeds it to herself!

*String Cheese..
She LOVES cheese! Everytime I bring out cheese for myself
she ends up eating half of!

*Valentine's Day Candy...
She definitely has a sweet tooth like her mother!

She loves pickles, she is just like her Auntie Brit!

Instead of baby food for breakfast,
we have been giving her oatmeal! She LOVES it!

And that would be Makenzie's Discovering New Tastes...

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  1. awwwwwwwwww so cute, I cannot wait to see Kayden! they are going to love each other so much! Thanks for all the photos!


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